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Innerspace Rebreather Celebration in Grand Cayman

Divers from all over the globe gather in Grand Cayman every year to happily immerse themselves for a week in the silent diving culture they are all passionate about.

Divetech staff warmly welcomes more than 70 enthusiasts to Cobalt Coast Dive Resort, many of them returning guests. Innerspace attracts big names in the dive business and the week’s events include lectures and presentations on safety, research and new technologies, equipment tryouts and demonstrations, and social events.

Easterbrook organized the first Inner Space in 2004, and it attracted 19 divers interested in learning more and moving the industry forward.  “I wanted to bring everyone together to share what’s happening with rebreathers because the technology is constantly changing and getting better,” she said. “Inner Space is about sharing information, meeting like minded divers and keeping up with the changes in the industry.”

Rebreathers efficiently replenish oxygen and recycle exhaled breaths, so no bubbles are released, making them silent. With no bubbles to scare them off, divers and underwater photographers experience better interaction with marine life. Rebreather technology also allows divers to go deeper and stay underwater longer.

Although rebreathers require specialized training, Inner Space helps introduce silent diving to the rest of the recreational dive community. Randy Thornton said at their dive shop in Utah, they are seeing more converts among customers. “Once you have become proficient at CCR diving, there is little motivation to go back to open circuit!”

“Inner Space has become a mecca for Rebreather divers and manufactures,” said Mike Fowler. “It is the premier Rebreather event in the world.”

Divetech is the first and largest source of rebreather equipment, support and diving in Grand Cayman.  Nancy Easterbrook says 15 percent of their dive business is rebreather related, but they are actively working to increase that, especially with Divetech’s Rebreather Experience, a half-day course that includes equipment instruction and a guided shallow shore dive.

Innerspace 2019

Come to the 15th annual Innerspace celebration, going in May 18-25, 2019!

For more information call toll free (888) 946-5656, in Grand Cayman (345) 946-5658 or visit