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HOLLIS unveils new Wing Design Feature with a LIFETIME Warranty

(DiverWire) HOLLIS today announced the release of the new LX wing series of innovations to its buoyancy control systems. Developed and tested by a wide range of technical divers from around the world, the new LX series of design upgrades and enhancements can be seen in the HOLLIS S-Series and C-Series of wings.

Since their introduction three years ago, the HOLLIS S-Series and C-Series of wings have set new standards for buoyancy control systems. Quality and performance are the cornerstones of the new LX features. According to HOLLIS management, the LX-series includes materials made with 1680D nylon for the exterior bladder and 420 nylon for the internal bladder.

The LX design also includes a 360 degree internal retraction system. This has been added to match the design of the wing, allowing for a streamlined rig at all times. The company has also added a new oval corrugated hose, redesigned OPV and stainless grommets to replace the mesh on the bottom of the wing. Every new LX wing also includes a lifetime warranty.

“Since the launch of the S series and C series wings in 2009, those models continue to set the standard for backplate/wing systems,” said Nick Hollis, company President. “As market trends are constantly changing, so is the demand for unique products to answer this request. The LX features allow us reintroduce both the S-Series and C-Series which represent, the future of our buoyancy line.”

He adds that many of the design innovations, outlined below, came as a direct result of input from dive professionals, technical and recreational divers. 

  • Models include the S25 LX, S38 LX, C45 LX, C45 LX Dual, C60 LX and C60 LX Dual
  • Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
  • Outer shell constructed of HD Laminated 1680D Cordura
  • 420 nylon internal bladder
  • Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference
  • New Oval Corrugated Hose
  • Lower left pull relief valve
  • Cam band slots
  • Lifetime Warranty

S25 LX and S38 LX are available through Hollis dealers everywhere. C45 LX, C45 LX Dual, C60 LX and C60 LX Dual will be available mid-March.

For more information on the new HOLLIS LX innovations, visit the website,