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HOLLIS Gear set to release Explorer SPORT Rebreather

(DiverWire) Officials at HOLLIS Gear are making final plans to launch the eagerly anticipated Explorer Sport rebreather next month. This follows nearly three years of product design, development, redesign, testing and evaluation.

EXPIn a process similar to the launch of the Prism 2 rebreather, Hollis began by interacting with approved training agencies interested in offering a course, and then educating them on this unique product. In addition, Hollis’ own group of Instructor Trainers have worked closely with their retailer group and their instructors to ensure the education is consistent and that dealers provide the best service possible.

Explorer by HOLLISNick Hollis, president of Hollis says, “The process of launching a revolutionary product like this one can’t be overestimated. It was an amazing amount of work, and I am very proud of our team, our dealers and their instructors for completing it.   The collective efforts have been instrumental in the development of the Hollis Rebreather program and feedback during this process has improved our product and the training that our retailers will be providing to divers”, said Hollis.

According to technical diving and rebreather instructor Bill Coltart, “They have taken the best designs from others, then designed and created a product that is simple to use for even new recreational divers yet incredibly sophisticated to be safe – it is in class all by itself,”  Coltart explained.

One HOLLIS dealer said he is eagerly anticipating the release of the Explorer Sport. Dive Addicts shop manager and instructor Josh Thornton, said he is really excited about this new design and thinks that his divers are going to love it. “We have already presold several units and have people itching to get their hands on them”, said Thornton.

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