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DUI to Offer Demos of FLX Extreme Drysuit during DOG Events

The DUI dry suit is perfect for recreational scuba diversDiving Unlimited International (DUI) recently released its latest drysuit, the FLX Extreme. This new model combines several of DUI’s most popular features and is available now for scuba divers. According to DUI officials, interested divers can actually try out one of the suits during the company’s popular DOG Rally and Tour events.

According to company officials, the FLX Extreme is an important additional to the DUI product line because the suit is made with a Trilaminate material with polyester outer layers (the same material as the top of the FLX50/50). This makes the suit lightweight, durable and supple. There is a completely new overlay to give this suit its own, unique look. Cordura is used on the upper body and on legs for extra durability. To keep this suit as sleek and minimalist as possible, we only use a black DUI military patch to brand the suit.

The FLX Extreme is available now and further, scuba divers who attend one of the popular DUI DOG Rally events will be able to “test dive” the suit. These popular events, which are scheduled throughout the country, provide first-hand opportunities to dive a DUI product, ask questions and learn more about the unique nature of dry suit diving.


DUI continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of dry suits worldwide. To learn more about the FLX Extreme, go to the DUI website or click this link: DUI FLX EXTREME

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