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Real Life Florida Scuba Diving adventures and accidents detailed in new book

“Tales From The Reef” is a series of true life stories from dive boats in the Florida Keys and Caribbean. The author, Captain Brad Neat, examines a host of diver mishaps, from a variety of causes, and then suggest a course of action so the reader can avoid a similar fate.

The problems run the gamut from simple novice mistakes to complex scenarios that can catch even the most experienced divers unaware.

The value of the book comes from the authors study of how simple and innocent acts can lead the diver down a path that’s not so simple and innocent. The author works to instill an attitude of “What’s next?” Every diver has been taught not to get too far from the boat and not to run out of air. Thinking about “What’s next,” the diver should understand that when you get too far from the boat, you are going to run out of air. Being ahead of the events, knowing what’s coming next, allows the diver to prepare for what’s coming and break the chain of events that lead to disaster.

Running dive boats for 25 years has given the author an opportunity to experience several lifetimes of scuba diver problems, mistakes, and accidents. The book looks into the most common problems that re-occur despite the level of diver experience.

This book is an important resource for dive educators and dive shops. Recreational divers will find it useful regardless of the type of diving they are doing. Subjects covered include marine life, weather, reef navigation, and other aspects of diving. For divers operating their own boats, Neat includes insights on dealing with the challenges of getting there, staying afloat, and having a boat at the end of the anchor line when you return from your dive.

The book is entertaining, educational, and easy to read. The stories of what actually happened on the dive are followed by a discussion of what choices would have resulted in a safer outcome.
“Tales From The Reef” is available from dive shops or The ISBN number for this book is 978-0-9823105-0-2

Brad Neat earned a YMCA scuba certification in 1969 in Louisville, Ky. In 1970 he started working at a summer boy’s camp in the Florida Keys, becoming a licensed Coast Guard Captain in 1971. Although primarily operating dive boats, he has also run sailboats, fishing boats, and Caribbean freighters. He is currently a flight instructor in the Florida Keys.

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