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SeaDo for scuba diving

Doo’n the Dive: A new concept for scuba divers

(DiverWire) Days of diving off cattle-boats and dive sites filled to capacity can make any log book shiver with angst.  Divers are becoming more particular on how they dive their favorite site and jumping on a day charter with 30+ people isn’t always the favorite option. There has been an aggressive increase in six pack boats, personal watercrafts set up for diving and even Kayak or Canoe diving.  However, there are few handy divers who may be vying for a spot on a Monster Garage session on the Discovery Channel that are opting for less crowded, motorized transportation to the hidden cove.  They are “Doo’n the Dive”.SeaDo for scuba diving

About 15 minutes North of Laughlin Nevada is one of the Southwest’s best fresh water dive destinations – Lake Mohave.  With its remote coves and river diving the Colorado River, there are plenty of opportunities to dive.  However, Wayne Carson, a long-time local diver is finding those less crowded coves for just him and a buddy, anchoring their Sea Doo Jet-Ski and finding some great dive adventures.

Carson has adapted his Jet Ski for Scuba diving. His configuration includes an anchor with line, a dive flag and enough storage capacity to hold a couple of tanks and all the equipment he will need to dive.  After pulling up to the dive site, he deploys his flag, dons his BCD and he is ready to dive.

What’s really great is there aren’t too many places we can’t dive on the lake,” Carson says.  “We just pull up, drop anchor and away we go!” Carson added, “I can’t think of a better way to drive to a dive site.  The Jet Ski is fun …. And fast!

The group with Academy of Scuba in Phoenix, Arizona found diving from this customized personal watercraft to be interesting and very convenient. There isn’t anything similar in the local waters in Arizona.

With all the different options available to divers, whether it is fresh water or salt water, having a personal watercraft that works around your schedule and brings you to your favorite dive site is a great alternative.  Easy to store, great on fuel and relatively in-expensive, divers like Wayne Carson are exploring the edges of creativity and making the sport better for all of us.

If you are interested in finding out more about one of these unique customized Scuba Sea Doo watercrafts, contact Wayne Carson at

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