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DiveTraXX – an impressive new App lets divers log dives remotely

(DiverWire) Digital Fate Creative has announced the release of DiveTraXX, a new program for Recreational Divers. Available starting today on the App Store, DiveTraXX is a full dive-logging suite for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 and iPad.

According to project director Jim Bruning, “DiveTraXX was developed because there was a glaring need for a portable and simple way for scuba divers to log their dives. A majority of people carry a mobile device already, so it’s a natural fit to introduce an App that makes logging dives so easy.”

Key features of DiveTraXX include:

  • A logbook module with built in location tracking and recording
  • An equipment purchase and maintenance-tracking module
  • A certification card logging module in which users can record all of the information about their certification cards, as well as take and store a photo of the card backs
  • A statistics module is built into the DiveTraXX system that updates relevant data as new logs are entered. Items include total number of logged dives, combined total dive time from all dives in log, total number of Nitrox dives, number of dives that lasted longer than one hour, total number of solo dives, number of equipment items logged and total number of c-cards.
  • DiveTraXX integrates with the iPhone and iPad onboard email system to provide a seamless method to email any log page from the dive log, equipment log and certification card log modules. If a photo of the certification card has been stored, it too will be emailed as an attachment.
  • Data storage is localized to the Device, and never requires the user to log into a website or visit the web. The SQLite Database (stored on the Device) that contains the DiveTraXX data is backed up each time the Device is synchronized with iTunes, so all log data is backed up. This, in addition to the email feature included in DiveTraXX ensures that divers always have access to the data stored in DiveTraXX.

DiveTraXX was developed in conjunction with Scuba Industry leaders in a wide array of specialized areas from divers through Instructor Trainers and risk management professionals. We listened to their collective wants, and DiveTraXX is the outcome.

You can download DiveTraXX from the App Store by going to:

or, visit for more information

Digital Fate Creative’s development staff, led by Bruning, has been working directly in the Scuba Diving Industry for over 20 years. Our team includes scuba instructors, scuba divers, training system developers and web and digital media gurus.