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DiverWire Review: Venom Mask from Atomic Aquatics

(DiverWire) When you walk into your local dive shop and look at the masks in their display, there is one mask that stands out from the rest.  As it grabs the corner of your eye, and the dive professional’s hand moves in slow motion to show you this exciting new product, you can already pinpoint the sleek, stylish, ‘built to last’ mask … like it was calling out to you.  Maybe it is the vibrant colors that snake around the skirt.  Maybe it is the peering lenses that seem to capture your glare and hypnotize your mind.  The dive professional working with you can’t help but spread the infection for what has become one of the hottest masks released in a long time.

Atomic Aquatics is almost synonymous with the high quality, cut above the rest, make you breathless with anticipation product line.  And, at first, the thought of a $199 mask may make you feel like you just got struck by a cobra’s fang.  However, you don’t even have to put the Atomic Venom Mask on to realize that this is not your ordinary mask.  Throw away that K-Mart mask and step up to a real mask with performance, design and ingenuity built into it.

The Venom Mask by Atomic Aquatics is the latest innovation from this premium Scuba equipment manufacturer. Like all things Atomic, you can feel the difference immediately just by holding it in your hands.   It’s a little sturdier than most masks on the dive shop shelf.  The stylish design quickly gives way to the obvious comfort when you place it against your face.  It seems to almost suck itself into place.   The easy to use buckles make adjustments quick and easy.  Additionally, the fault tolerance with these sturdy buckles are obvious even to the uneducated.

As a fan of both the Sub-Frame and Frameless masks by Atomic, I was doubtful you could improve too greatly on them.  However, the Venom almost looks to be a hybrid fusion of the two different masks.  The big difference is in the faceplate construction.  On land, you can feel the sturdiness and girth.  Underwater, this gem seems to tread lightly and glide through the water without regard.

The Subframe and Frameless masks both use an “ultra gloss” lens that provides the utmost in clarity.  However, the Atomic Venom Mask provides its user with an even higher quality glass (imported from Germany) apparently allowing more light to penetrate and thus provide an even greater underwater experience.

The Venom is a step up from your favorite dive mask.  Well worth the premium pricing.  After all, if you are going to spend thousands on a dive vacation, it only makes sense that you have a mask that will provide the best experience.  The Atomic Venom is a mask that can deliver on that promise.

Stop by your local dive shop and try on the Atomic Venom Mask. See for yourself that quality has no compromise.

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