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DiverWire Product Review: Watermark Nite Edge dive knife

(DiverWire) The sun is starting to set. Your twilight scuba dive is starting to look more like a night dive. You’ve turned around and are following your path back to the boat.  As you near the up-line, you see a glowing figure sticking out of the sand.  It looks familiar.  You reach down for your knife.  It’s not there!  A look of panic flushes over your face.  I just bought that knife you think ….

You murmur through your regulator, “How did I knock my knife out if its sheath?”  If it wasn’t for that glow in the dark handle, you never would have seen it.  Fortunately, you did.  Your retrieve your knife from the sand.  You look at the glow in the dark handle and think, “what a nice feature”.  As you securely return the knife to its sheath, you end the dive knowing you saved a few dollars today.

Watermark (also known as SeaSoft), long reputed for its high quality scuba diving equipment and innovative designs, has recently released its Nite Edge™ knife.  The Watermark Nite Edge knife is a unique blend of comfort and functionality.  The most notable feature is the easy to grip handle that … glows in the dark.  As the handle is exposed to light, it absorbs it and then glows for hours.  Even on the deepest and darkest dives.

The blade is a 3.2 inch blunt tip BETA Titanium Knife that is subtle in size but supersized for functionality.  While you may not be able to cut through a cement block with it (like the as seen on tv folks), you will be able to perform any of the tasks needed on a normal recreational dive.

The Nite Edge sheath is equally as innovative as the knife itself.  It has a fantastic one-hand, secure release system – just grab, squeeze and pull.  Simple and secure!  Notably, it is just as easy to re-sheath your dive knife.

The Nite Edge mounts to your BCD or you can use enclosed webbing for attaching to your legs.  The choice is yours.  The Nite Edge is available in an array of colors including black (or as I like to call it stealth), blue, clear, yellow, and hot pink.

Learn more about SeaSoft products and the Nite Edge knife at

The Nite Edge is available at most SeaSoft dealers. Support your local dive shop!

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