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DiverWire Product Review: SeaSoft Raygun R Flashlight

(DiverWire) SeaSoft Scuba, long reputed as one of the highest quality manufacturers in the Scuba industry, has a new rechargeable light for 2012. The SeaSoft Raygun – R is a 300 Lumen rechargeable LED light that offers a lot more than just brightening up your dives.

When you take this light on a dive, you will find its bright, white light is on target and not easily scattered. It is evenly distributed and does not have a bright light in the middle and the outer rim of the light does not fade out. With 300 Lumens, some folks may think it is not powerful enough to be a primary light on a recreational dive. I will tell you, this light offers plenty of light on any reef, lake, or quarry dive – even on the darkest night. Perhaps it is the focus of the light that makes it seem brighter than the lumen count.

One of my favorite statements about SeaSoft products is that these products look like they are designed by divers for divers. And, the SeaSoft Raygun – R is no different. While the quality of light is the most important attribute, you have to look at the quality of the manufacturing. Simple in design, it has a switch that is easy to turn on and off, even with the thickest of gloves. The innovative o-ring design keeps the battery chamber nice and dry. Additionally, this light is rechargeable. It comes with two batteries: one to dive with and the other to charge while you are diving. You can charge this light off a wall socket or off your vehicle’s car lighter – innovation!

The Raygun – R is not only a bright spot in the SeaSoft selection of dive equipment, it is one of the most durable products in the line. It’s not plastic. That is a lightweight polycarbonate protecting your flashlight. In fact, this product is so durable you can literally throw this light across the room or even drive a truck over it. When this light falls off the tailgate of your truck, you don’t have to worry about your night dive.

Durable, bright, and innovative! The SeaSoft Raygun – R is one of the best releases in the underwater Scuba lighting market today. Whether you are looking for a solid primary light or an over the top backup light, the SeaSoft Raygun – R is a great choice. Retail price for this light is “Diver Friendly” at $149 and includes the following: 2 special batteries, a wall charger, and a wrist lanyard. The optional car charger is available for $19.99. Stop paying for batteries on every dive and step up to the SeaSoft Raygun – R Rechargeable Flashlight. The Raygun – R is available in yellow and black.

Find your Seasoft Raygun – R Flashlight at all Academy of Scuba locations or buy yours online HERE.