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DiverWire Product Review: SeaLife DC 1400 Pro

(DiverWire) It was a warm Christmas in south Florida, just like the groupers, eels and divers like. However, this year was extra special, seeing it through the lens of my new SeaLife DC 1400 Pro. After spending time researching various underwater cameras, this by far seemed to be the overall winner.

I am not a gadget person. I like things simple and easy to use. When I read the press release that stated: “Depth tested to 200 feet (60 meters), the DC1400 incorporates a feature-packed, premium high-resolution underwater camera with a new design that redefines simplicity and ease of use. The DC1400’s five large primary control keys eliminate the confusing button cluster of a traditional camera to provide simple one-handed operation in any environment—even with gloves on.” I knew I had to find out more.

Their claim that “Five easy-to-use Piano Keys allow you to take either true high-definition 720p video or 14 megapixel high-resolution images of your adventures beneath the seas—and of your topside adventures, as well” seemed too easy. Could it be? And at a price that is within most diver’s budget?

Although SeaLife has a reputation for being a principal dive camera in line with, or slightly ahead of, the general standard for digital cameras, I had to find out for myself.

So it went on my Christmas wish list. When it arrived under my tree, I was very excited and thankful! The SeaLife 1400 lives up to its claim. A quick read of the camera and flash manuals walk you through a plethora of information. It was instantly easy to use, but I could also tell that the camera could handle the diversity of any situation I could throw at it. As opposed to some other cameras I’ve used before, I’m excited by the prospect of getting to know the finer intricacies of the machine, rather than never wanting to deal with them again once I found my set up. I especially love the set-up menu for landscape or underwater. If underwater is chosen it gives you a snorkel or dive setting and walks you through flash options, then tells you THAT WAS EASY on the screen when you’ve made your selection, and I had to agree.

I admit I was nervous the first time in the water with the rig, expecting things to get more complicated, and decided the first few dives should be with Santa for good luck. After the initial dive, I realized the statements on the website are accurate, “The SeaLife DC 1400 is the easiest digital camera to use underwater, EVER.” And using a Digital Pro Flash, the lost colors are restored at depth producing brilliant vibrant shots. All I had to do was chose the External Flash mode. A special underwater program synchronizes the camera’s exposure program, color balance and internal flash to the Digital Pro Flash. Excellent! Easy to assemble, easy set-up menu, easy to hold, easy to use and gives you great pictures and HD video.

What more could an elf ask for because at the end of the day or better, the end of a dive, this is an excellent camera to capture the beautiful images below to share with those above.

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