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DiVentures Becomes First-Ever Atomic Aquatics Regional Service Center

(DiverWire) Atomic Aquatics has named DiVentures Scuba and Swim Center as the first-ever Atomic Aquatics Regional Repair Center. With a team of qualified, factory authorized service technicians and the latest state-of-the-art equipment, DiVentures will serve the Midwest, Southern and Eastern regions of the United States. 

DiVentures is located in Omaha, Neb. and will provide a central location for dive stores and customers around the nation to send equipment. According to Atomic Aquatics officials, the DiVentures staff has undergone extensive training to qualify as the official Atomic Aquatics Regional Repair Center.

DiVentures uses an in-house Atmospheric Inhalation Resistance (A.I.R.) Flow Test Stand to record and document regulator performance.

An A.I.R. Flow Test Stand is a PC based test stand that can perform the following tests:
• Precision cracking efforts
• Static and dynamic IP levels
• Demand effort vs. flow
• Venturi performance
• Analyze second stage leaks

DiVentures’ technicians service Atomic and all other major dive manufacturers’ equipment. If your store is interested in having DiVentures complete service on customers’ dive equipment, please contact Mark Haggart or Ted Fitzsimmons at 402.933.6251 or via email –;

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