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Dive Rite Launches GO PRO Hero Compatible Video Light

(DiverWire) Unique to the underwater filming arena, Dive Rite has introduced the RX Video Lighting System. This innovative set-up is a four LED array that shoots clear, even light, filling up the capture area perfectly. Designed without a reflector, the RX Video light emits a wide angle flood light with absolutely no hot spots.

With 880 system lumen output and four hours burn time at full power with one head and two hours of burn time at full power for the dual head, this light has no competition and is an excellent companion to the Go Pro Hero camera series.

The RX Video Light is available in several configurations according to diver preference:

  • Model: LT9800HEAD-V-S  Video head on standard lid with standard light cable and Goodman handmount. MSRP: $500
  • Model: LT9800HEAD-V-70 Video head on 70 degree sidemount lid with standard light cable and Goodman handmount. MSRP: $500
  • Model: LT9800HEAD-V-WT Video head with wet pluggable pigtail and Goodman handmount. Pigtail is 6-inches from back of head to end of plug. Pigtails can be ordered in customized lengths up to 48-inches. MSRP: $500
  • Model: LT9800-V-DUAL Video system with dual head and wet pluggable heads and Y connector, plus Goodman handmount. The cord length of the Y splitter can be up to 48-inches (please specify when ordering). MSRP: $1100

Learn more about the Dive Rite lighting systems on our website here:

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