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Dive Rite is looking for a few good UW photos…..

(DiverWire) There are only a few weeks left to enter underwater images in Dive Rite’s sixth annual photo competition. Open to both professionals and amateurs, winning images will be published on the Dive Rite website and Facebook page along with their customer newsletter and other social media. If you’ve got a photo that encompasses the spirit of Dive Rite divers, send it in prior to the submission deadline of July 15th, 2012.

“We’re consistently amazed at the diversity of photos we receive,” states Kathleen Byars, Dive Rite’s Director of Marketing and Digital Media. “Images come to us from all over the globe and showcase some truly, awe-inspiring divers who are capturing the spirit of advanced diving. Every year, we find ourselves aching to dive these spots as we painstakingly judge the winning photos.”

Contest entries should pay close attention to the CONTEST GUIDELINES which require images to be natural, authentic moments of divers engaged in activity; marine life photography is not eligible in this contest. Divers do not necessarily need to be a “billboard” for Dive Rite gear, however non-Dive Rite branded gear should not be prominent.

Winning entries have a chance to win up to $1,000 in gear. “Last year, we had so many excellent images, we awarded two grand prizes because we simply couldn’t choose,” says Ms. Byars. “This year, we hope to see more ocean images. Given our heritage as a cave diving gear manufacturer, we get a lot of cave images, so there tends to be less competition in the open water, marine life-interaction category.”

To see what type of images have won in past contests, take a look at Dive Rite’s PHOTO HINTS webpage or last year’s WINNING IMAGES. Entrants can submit as many images as they like to prior to the deadline of July 15th.