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Dive Rite introduces new YOKE design regulator

(DiverWire) Dive Rite has introduced a new advanced regulator designed specifically for recreational divers. According to Dive Rite officials, the new XT Regulator is unique because of the yoke first stage design. Single tank divers now get technical performance in a standard, recreational yoke first stage design.

“We get a lot of product ideas from our customers,” says Mike Engle, Dive Rite Sales Manager. “A large percentage of our regulators are actually used by recreational divers who wanted the option for a yoke-style first stage. Our previous regulator had a DIN-to-yoke adapter, but this gave the first stage a large profile that could hit the diver in the back of the head. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the performance of the XT Regulator, no matter what type of diving they’re doing.”

The XT Regulator comes standard with a pneumatically balanced second stage, balanced and environmentally sealed first stage and 28-inch hose. Divers should specify DIN or yoke when ordering through their local, authorized Dive Rite dealer. Also available, is the Advanced Open Water regulator package that includes customizable hose lengths, an octo worn tech-style on a necklace with the primary regulator hose tucked beneath the diver’s arm for streamlining, plus a depth gauge.

Dive Rite is well known for its ability to customize products according to diver needs and the XT Regulator is no exception. Any diver purchasing an XT yoke regulator can change their first stage to DIN at a later date, if desired.

For more details, visit the Dive Rite website.