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Dive Rite announces Summer Internship Program

(DiverWire) Dive Rite has announced a summer internship program.  The company is working with the University of Florida’s Scientific Diver Development Program’s Divemaster class to offer a unique opportunity for a new Divemaster to have a look at aspects of the diving industry that often go unseen.  The recipient of the internship will work directly with the Dive Rite office staff, getting experience in daily operations, product research and development, and best of all, gaining a ton of diving experience with a variety of gear as well as progressing thru a variety of tech classes.  To top it off, the intern will be receiving a NAUI Instructor Training Course at the end of the summer.  The staff at Dive Rite recognizes that a key to the diving industry growing is creating the next generation of dive leaders.

DNW 6-24This internship was the idea of sales manager Mike Engle.  As an active instructor with the University of Florida’s program, Mike also remembers getting ready to graduate from UF and looking for a career.  He says ‘I remember just about every job I was looking at wanted some kind of experience in sales, business, leadership, or a combination of the three.  Internships weren’t difficult to get, but most were unpaid and didn’t look like fun.  I want to give someone the opportunity to gain the experience needed that these employers are after, and have a blast doing it.  If my intern doesn’t end up in the scuba industry, hopefully I’ve sparked something that keeps them actively teaching, where ever they end up’.

The 2013 recipient of the Dive Rite internship is Travis Lowke.  Travis completed his NAUI Divemaster course at the end of the Spring 2013 semester, and is excited to become a new instructor.  He is also a cavern diver, and is looking forward to furthering his cave and technical training.  Travis’ ITC will be staffed by sales manager and NAUI IT Mike Engle, Dive Rite General Manager and NAUI instructor Jared Hires, and NAUI Course Director Doug Marcinek, coordinator for UF’s SDDP.

Look for Travis diving with the Dive Rite staff and assisting with events throughout the southeast.   He has already started answering some of the phone calls at the office.  If you call the office and hear a new voice, he is the one you’re speaking with.