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Cressi releases new video tutorial on popular Leonardo computer

(DiverWire) The Cressi Leonardo Computer has already been recognized as one of the best value computers on the market, earning it a Best Buy in Scubalab’s most recent dive computer tests.

Cressi has added even more value to the first ever 100% Cressi manufactured computer by offering free product instruction and tutorials on the website.


The tutorial features three user friendly videos geared towards understanding and using this computer. There is a product overview, which showcases the different product features and benefits. This includes detailed explanations on the RGBM algorithm, deep stop and log book functions. There is also a section on settings, where users can learn how to navigate through the different menus, what each setting does, and how to change them. Finally, the dive section goes in detail in explaining the pre-dive and dive planning functions, as well as a simulated dive so users can see how the computer will function in a real world setting.

For more details about the entire CRESSI line, go to: