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Product Review: New Bladefish Dive Propulsion Vehicle

( – One of the biggest obstacles people have to deal with when they think of underwater scooters for diving is their over-all size.  Cost can be a factor but honestly in all my years of selling scuba equipment, the price of an underwater scooter isn’t something that has generally stopped a person from purchasing one nearly as much as the size of the unit and having to deal with it. 

While not huge and generally not terribly heavy, they are frequently a bit of a hassle to own as they aren’t the most convenient piece of scuba equipment to store when not in use.  And travel with them?  Today’s luggage restrictions on airlines make them a pain to deal with.  It was painful enough when the airlines gave the facade of caring for something other than our money.  Now that luggage and baggage restrictions are at their most difficult to deal with in the history of air travel suddenly something fun like the scuba scooter is no longer an option to travel with for the vast majority of travelers.  Add to this having to babysit the battery…  take it out of the unit.  Keep it cool and dry.  Be sure to fully discharge it every few months and totally trickle charge it again and the fact that the battery loses up to 30% of it’s life a month when sitting unused mean it’s almost never ready with any spontaneity.  

The Bladefish Seajet 5000 Underwater Scooter is a completely new design and concept that will quite possibly eliminate the last major argument in purchasing and owning a diving scooter.  At the very first glance it’s hard to imagine this piece of gear is not a joke or novelty item.  It is impossible to believe that something this size and dimension could possibly pull a diver through the water.  But with an 18v electric motor powered by an 18v Lithium Ion battery operating at 210 watts, the motor is turning a whopping 525rpm capable of towing the diver through the water at 3.75mph!   One would think that this much power would equate into less battery life, but the unit can operate 70 minutes of continuous use on a fully charged battery.  In fact, with normal use through a dive, battery life between 70 and 120 minutes can be expected.  And once the on board battery life indicator tells the user that it’s time to recharge the battery the diver will be pleased to find that the old over night charge using a trickle charger is a thing of the past as well!  The full charge time from dead battery to full charge is a short 3.5 hours!

Another advantage of using the Li ion battery, as opposed to the older types of batteries used in competitors products, is the fact that a Lithium Ion battery can be designed to fit most any use or dimension.  In the past scooters had to be designed around the power supply.  These batteries were bulky, heavy and had extremely poor shelf lives.  They commonly had to be fully discharged before charging to ensure they did not get a “memory” and thus become unserviceable any longer.  Lithium Ion batteries have no memory, and can be recharged at any point of the discharge without worry. The large punch of power the battery can pack into a small space means the scooter can be nothing more than a small high output motor, the handles and controls and a prop!  At approximately 14”x 14” x 6” and only 10 pounds in weight a user could easily pack their scooter in a carry on bag for airline travel!  Dimensions like that also make the Bladefish ideal for kids playing at the beach or the lake as well as make it more than fun to use in the pool!  The handles and 3-speed variable control switch are mounted in a convenient to use position that will allow for outstanding balance and unmatched maneuverability for the diver.   All in all, Bladefish has done an outstanding job of taking the “next step” in underwater DPV evolution and created a product that every diver would be thrilled to include as part of their diving gear.   

Whether diving, snorkeling or just playing in the pool the Bladefish Sea Jet 5000  is a product that will give plenty of enjoyment to all!

Thank you to the staff at for providing this product review.

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