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Atomic Aquatics unveils new T3 Titanium Regulator

(DiverWire) Atomic Aquatics is introducing the latest evolution of the world’s first and most successful Titanium regulator. The new T3 regulator continues the company’s legacy of innovative engineering, superb design, and exceptional workmanship. The T3 is the latest generation of its signature Titanium regulator series, preceded by the groundbreaking T1 and T2 models.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 is designed for divers who want the absolute finest regulator on the market, regardless of price. Amazingly lightweight at only 1.7 lbs, it is the perfect choice for travel and delivers unprecedented reliability and performance. Titanium materials provide absolute corrosion resistance and enable more dives with more time between required servicing.

Atomic T3All component parts of the T3 second stage are lighter in weight than previous models in the line. The first stage yoke has been machined to create an open design using less material.

“Atomic Aquatics has 17 years of experience in evolving the T-Series into the most desired and highest performing regulators in the world,” according to Dean Garraffa, president of Atomic Aquatics. He also points out that exotic metals and USA workmanship set the T3 apart from every other regulator on the market.

“We use solid bar Aircraft-grade Ti-6-AL-4V Titanium for every critical component part,” says Garraffa. “Plus, the T3 is manufactured right here in our own US factories located in Oceanside and Huntington Beach, California,” he stated. “That means we control every aspect of the process, making the T3 the most desirable scuba regulator money can buy.”

The new T3 design and materials enable Atomic Aquatics to offer the most courageous regulator warranty in the dive industry with a longer service interval than any other manufacturer. The T3 has a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is not contingent on proof of service, and an unparalleled 3-year/300-dive interval before required servicing.

This gives divers more confidence in exotic locations where service locations may be difficult to find.

The Atomic Aquatics T-Series set new standards as the easiest-breathing regulators available. The T3 sets the standard even higher. Divers will appreciate how comfortably and effortlessly the T3 breathes thanks to innovations like the exclusive “Jet Seat” first stage high-flow piston, and patented features like Automatic Flow Control (AFC) and Seat Saving Orifice. A Titanium Comfort Swivel Hose is standard and is the most flexible regulator hose ever made.

Designed for discerning and demanding divers, the T3 is simply the highest-quality, most dependable and lightest weight regulator on the market. The new signature T3 is available soon at Atomic Aquatics dive retailers.

Atomic Aquatics was founded in 1995 in Huntington Beach, California. The company is best known for manufacturing regulators for scuba diving, introducing the world’s first titanium regulator in January 1997. The company also manufactures fins, masks and snorkels.