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Ask the ScubaGuru: Snorkel or No Snorkel?

(DiverWire) – One of the great debates in the diving industry is whether or not to wear a snorkel when scuba diving.  There are certainly pro’s and con’s on both sides of the camp. However, the debate has a bit of a bite to it.

Using a snorkel
Photos courtesy of PADI

Many are quite judgmental to the people who disagree with their position.  This week on, the top points for and against wearing a snorkel while scuba diving will be addressed.

These points include:

  • The snorkel is good for surface swimming pre or post dive as it conserves air from the tank
  • The snorkel is essential for surface swimming if the tank has no air.
  • It is a safety tool, there when you need it.
  • It tugs on the mask and is unwieldy in a current.
  • It can easily get caught or entangled.
  • It gets in the way during a dive.

This week, the ScubaGuru takes a look at the pro’s and con’s of each of the above points. There is discussion on the pro’s and con’s of “the hybrid” method, that is not wearing the snorkel during a dive but bringing it along such as with a collapsible snorkel.

Photo courtesy of PADI

And finally Tec looks at the real root of this debate – the issues of snorkel technology and proficiency. These considerations are not often mentioned and are overarching rather than scenario-dependant.

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