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Aqua Lung acquires White’s Manufacturing

( Aqua Lung, a leader in scuba diving equipment development and research, is pleased to announce the acquisition of White’s Manufacturing Ltd., a world leader in dry suit innovation and manufacturing technology.

Whites originated in 1956 when it became one of North America’s first diving retailers. Under the
guidance of Frank White Jr., Whites expanded into manufacturing and distribution of diving
products, becoming a dominant supplier of wet suits and dry suits in Canada.


Guided for the past 17 years by business partners Richard Myerscough and Frank White Jr. the
Company has continually worked to improve the function, durability and comfort of their
products resulting in several patented innovations including the new Fusion Dry Suit.

As a member of Aqua Lung, this new synergy will enable Whites to more rapidly expand
and capitalize on these innovations while providing a valuable new resource and product
category expertise for Aqua Lung.

Frank White Jr. and Richard Myerscough will continue to be involved in the White’s
business in the areas of product design and development and customer relations.
Furthermore both will remain on the Board of Directors of Whites.

John Gardner, President of Aqua Lung Canada Ltd., will serve as President and General
Manager of White’s Manufacturing Ltd.

Aqua Lung is very excited about this opportunity. First priority is being placed on maintaining
manufacturing operations, dealer networks and customer service. All White’s current pricing,
programs and dealership agreements remain in effect. Any questions or inquiries can be directed
to White’s directly at

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