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Amazon Sucks at Selling Scuba Gear

Amazon Sucks at Selling Scuba Gear & you will probably pay more

 Never Buy Any Life Support Equipment from Amazon

For a reason that we don’t really understand- Amazon does not sell skydiving equipment but they do sell scuba gear. To become a scuba diver-you commit to about 40 hours worth of physical instruction to be able to earn your certification to dive safely. This is actually more instructional time than solo skydiving requires.

There will be many people purchasing scuba diving life-support equipment through Amazon this year and they’re not going to realize some of the compromises that this selling platform creates for them. Amazon will deliver their products in boxes that will require professional assembly before use. Amazon will not be available for consultancy in terms of appropriate use or assembly. Actually-it will even be challenging to know the true seller of these products due to the complicated structure of the Amazon marketplace. This becomes challenging and potentially dangerous when a brand-holder has to convey safety information about purchased products to customers such as recalls. Local dive shops will lose revenue and be forced to offer a lower level of support or even close their doors.  Atop all of these issues, because of strict pricing policies by all scuba gear brands, you will pay the same, or possibly more for every item ordered from Amazon.  Poor prices and even poorer service is not a great combination for purchasing expensive life support equipment.

Just to be clear, we love Amazon for purchasing cool gadgets and household items and dog food…basically stuff that can’t kill you.  Please get your scuba gear from an authorized dealer like your local dive shop or

Why You Should Buy Scuba Gear From a Dive Store

  • They Are There For You Contact your dive shop with any questions or concers about your diving gear.  Most of the time you can get a better price by calling or visiting in person.  This is a big advantage over Amazon.
  • Gear Assembly Trained professionals assemble your gear for you. You don’t have to worry about putting anything together.
  • After Purchase Support You will get assistance from trained professionals & a place to keep your gear serviced and working properly for your adventures.

Amazon vs. Dive Shops