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AERIS A300 Dive Computer: YOU decide what features to use

(DiverWire) The new AERIS A300 is designed with a simple premise – using a dive computer doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, despite offering a wide range of features and options, some divers need only take the A300 out of the box and get it the water – it’s that easy to use!

According to Doug Krause, Vice President of AERIS, “Our research has shown that some divers want complete simplicity in their dive computers – just get in and dive. At the same time, other divers want to be able to customize every display and detail in their computer. The A300 satisfies BOTH of those divers, and just about everyone in between.”

AERIS was founded with a line of unique, feature-rich dive equipment; a legacy that AERIS staff takes very seriously. In coming months, the company will be unveiling a series of new products designed specifically to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s diver. The A300 is an excellent example of this commitment, but it’s just the start.

Let’s take a closer look at the A300:

● The A300 boasts a high resolution Tissue Loading bar graph which allows for at-a-glance feedback that lets you control your dive on the fly and regulate your dynamic conservative factor. The bright Green/Yellow/Red indicators make it easy to monitor your dive. It displays only essential information during the dive in large easy-to-read digits so you know how deep you are and how long you can stay there.

● The A300 separates itself from the competition with the use of NORM and TECH modes. NORM mode is selected by default as an out-of-the-box solution that provides all the necessary settings and information for divers who just want to get in the water. When switched into TECH mode, the advanced features and fine-tuning become available that will satisfy any experienced diver.

AERIS has created an interactive “tour” and “tutorial” for the A300. This online interactive course is available free with purchase and online registration of a new A300 at

In addition, an interactive video tour is available online at

The AERIS A300 is available now with a suggested retail price around $400. For more information, contact your nearest AERIS dealer.