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Adventus International Inc. Announces New Mini Video/Photo Dive Lights

(DiverWire) Internationally-owned Adventus International Inc. announced today an offering of different models of vital mini underwater lights that are ideal for diving and for everyday use. The compact, lightweight light puts out an impressive 400-700 lumens, depending upon specific models. The additional video/photo light mounting adapter provides convenience and flexibility.

The Orion400 puts out an impressive 400 lumens out of an 18 degree high efficiency reflector and allows more versatility with a 100% and 40% power spotlight to illuminate remote spots underwater and brighten focused areas above water. The Orion400 uses six AAA batteries allowing users more convenience and availability.

The Orion700v model provides a high quality reflector achieving an 80 degree beam, hotspot free, and allows the user greater usability with its 700 lumens for consistent lighting with videoing ability between 160-400 minutes depending upon the operation mode of 100% or 40% power. In addition, the Orion700s model has the same features with the exception that the high quality reflector achieves a 15 degree beam angle. This spotlight provides unmatched flexibility in a single light ideal when searching for subjects, shooting those macro scenes, or even when there is a need to illuminate remote spots above water.

The Adventus Video/Photo Light mounting adapter can easily mount any of the models featured on any arm or connector that features a standard YS Mount at the top! This unique feature provides hands-free access and ability to illuminate specific targets or large areas in or out of the water as well as durability because of its anodized aluminum material.

For product specifications and images, please see the Adventus International Inc.’s website at: Adventus’ special retail pricing of $199 for a complete packaged Orion700s or Orion700v includes the light, two CR123 non-rechargeable batteries, one high-power 18650 battery, charger, wrist lanyard, silicone grease and Oring remover, and a high quality waterproof dry box. This whole package earns high value and lowest cost over other comparable packages.

These vital mini underwater video/photo lights are available now. If you are interested, please contact us at: or 1.626.689.2241.

For more details on this and about other Adventus International products, visit