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4 Christimas Gifts Perfect for Any Scuba Diver


(DiverWire) Christmas is just around the corner, and gift shopping for scuba divers can be a tall order. Getting something a diver doesn’t need, or already has, happens all the time. On the other hand, does Dad really need another neck tie or fruitcake for Christmas?

So, to make shopping a little easier, here are four universal gifts that any diver can appreciate and use, and will fit into any system.

1.) Dive Parka

What better way to warm the heart of a loved one then to physically warm them up? A dive parka can do just that. With a polar fleece lining, a waterproof nylon shell, and a hood and sleeves that can cinch up to keep wind out, a boat coat is a smart gift for anyone planning on getting wet. Surfers, swimmers, really any participant in any water sport can make use of a long, warm, fluffy coat. For just $69.95, a long-lasting Dive Parka works for the diver or gift giver on any budget.

2.) Titanium Dive Knife

Scuba Titanium Knife KN-920-YL 024140Warm or cold water, no matter a diver’s region or style, a dive knife is the perfect universal gift that can be picked up without a hint of worry. If a diver doesn’t have a knife, then grabbing one is a no-brainer – it’s better to have a knife and not need it, then need it and not have it. Entanglement can happen anywhere, anytime, be it by kelp, rope, fishing line, nets, etc. A dive knife under the Christmas tree can facilitate a much needed exit from a tight spot beneath the waves.

If a diver already has a knife, then think about upgrading to one with a titanium blade – that’s the gift of “peace of mind.” Just $74.95 buys a titanium blade that doesn’t rust, is strong, hard, and needs very little sharpening. A low-maintenance gift is always an appreciated one.

3.) Spare Air Pack

SpareAirSmallThe gift that literally keeps on giving, a Spare Air might be the easiest gift to get for a diver, or really anyone who spends a significant amount of time near the water. There’s no better way to show you care about a loved one than to provide them with something that may just save their life.

A Spare Air is an alternate air solution that doesn’t require octos, pony bottles, hoses, adapters, or new connections. A Spare Air is a stand-alone emergency secondary air device, self-contained, a single canister that can turn a potential tragedy into a “close call” story. With various models, most under $250, a SpareAir is a relatively inexpensive investment for a priceless return. No dive trip is complete without one, and they’re so handy and easy to use they also make a smart addition to any boat or watercraft.

4.) Ideations Dive Alert / Dive Alert Plus

DiveAlertSmallKeeping track of dive buddy underwater requires constant vigilance and more than a little luck – luckily, Ideation’s Dive Alert Plus can turn a frustrating experience into smooth sailing. With just a small amount of air from the tank, the Dive Alert emits an intense blast of sound that can be heard at great distances.

In a more dire situation, the Dive Alert can also be used to signal nearby watercraft to an emergency. Above the water, the Dive Alert Plus can generate a piercing noise that can be heard up to 1.6 kilometers away. For just $67.95, provide the gift of constant contact with a Dive Alert Plus.

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