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Dive Rite introduces NEW Transpac Sizes for Women

(DiverWire) Lamar Hires, President and CEO of Dive Rite, has taken it upon himself lately to answer some of the daily support email that comes into us from divers around the world.  He likes to make sure he is in touch with what our customers want and is always looking for improvements that can be made to our products.  A few weeks ago, Lamar received an email from a woman in Australia that was having issues with the fit of her new Transpac XT.  From their conversation, two new sizes of the Transpac XT were born.

Women tend to need a shorter backplate for their torso length, but still need the standard hip pads for proper fit and comfort.  Dive Rite introduced a new medium backplate a few months ago, that up until recently was only being used on medium sized Transpac XTs.  The medium backplate is the same height as a petite backplate, but the hip pads are the same length as those on a standard backplate.  Dive Rite is now incorporating this plate into two new Transpac XT sizes, the Medium/Large and Medium/XL.  These two new sizes combine the shorter backplate for torso length along with the longer shoulder pads to accommodate different chest sizes comfortably.  At Dive Rite, we want everyone to experience the fit of a Transpac XT harness the way it was meant to fit.

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