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Vandenberg sinking creates large increase in Florida SCUBA Diving Visitors

Just three months after the highly anticipated sinking of the USS Vandenberg seven miles off the coast of Key West Florida, the Key West Dive Center is happy to report that they have seen a steep increase in the number of divers booking a Key West diving excursion since the sinking. Most of these are, of course, for the morning dives out to the Vandenberg, but Key West Dive Center also reports an increase in divers on their afternoon reef dives and their certification courses.

“The sinking of the Vandenberg was the biggest thing to happen to the world of Key West scuba diving,” says Key West Top Guides sales representative Lindsey Cruz. “We knew this back in May but now we can see actual proof that Key West has definitely become a prime spot for scuba diving trips worldwide.”

Key West diving was always known for the massive and fantastical coral reef system located just a few miles off the coast of the island. Key West diving shipwreck sites like the Cayman Salvager and Joe’s Tug were popular with Key West visitors. The difference with the USS Vandenberg is that divers from around the world are coming to Key West just to experience a Key West diving trip to the Vandenberg.

“The Vandenberg has hit the news around the world and scuba divers are very familiar with it and eager to experience it for themselves,” adds Cruz.

Trips that once took out 15 divers at most, reports the Key West Dive Center, are now filling up at 25 spots every trip. To keep up with the increase in business, the Key West Dive Center and its affiliated Key West scuba diving shops have added about twelve expert scuba diving instructors. They report that they have even seen an increase people going on their trips for a Key West snorkeling experience to accompany their scuba diving friends.

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