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The ONLY time it might be OK to dive and drink!

(DiverWire) Any scuba diver knows that it’s not a good idea to drink and dive. However, when a dive is over, many scuba divers enjoy a good beer or drink. A local brewery on the Cayman Islands is looking to capitalize on this with the introduction of White Tip Lager, a beer that is being introduced specifically for recreational scuba divers.

According to officials from CayBrew, the White Tip Lager brand is the “world’s first conservation lager” and was introduced to appeal to the scuba diving community. The brewery, in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, will donate five cents for every can of White Tip Lager sold to shark research and conservation.

The Cayman Islands are well-known for fantastic scuba diving opportunities including some of the world’s most spectacular wall diving, wrecks and Stingray City – voted by National Geographic as the world’s best shallow dive. And it is hoped that White Tip lager will appeal to visiting divers as well as locals.

Matt Cottam from the islands’ Department of Environment said: “Shark conservation is a project that’s been going on for a couple of years now. We’ve been going around the islands surveying sharks and looking at threats to the shark population locally.”

Click here to view television coverage of the launch of White Tip Lager

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