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Project AWARE announces Global Underwater Scavenger Hunt

(DiverWire) – Project AWARE has announced its first-ever Global Underwater Scavenger hunt for divers as part of its new Dive Against Debris ocean protection program. The year-round program asks scuba divers to collect underwater debris and log information online in a global effort to prevent marine debris in the future. The Global Scavenger Hunt adds a game component that runs till August 1st and is a fun way to introduce divers to the activity of submitting data from underwater environments – anytime and anywhere.

“Together with scuba volunteers worldwide, Project AWARE has been organizing clean up dives for 18 years,” said Jenny Miller Garmendia, Project AWARE Executive Director. “But the new Dive Against Debris effort strengthens and centralizes underwater data collection efforts globally. This underwater scavenger hunt is a way to introduce that concept and also reward individual divers for their important conservation work.”

From now till August 1st 2011, divers anywhere in the world can play Project AWARE’s Global Scavenger Hunt for a chance to win a Scubapro Diver Duffle Bag packed with fins, mask, snorkel, boots and gloves from Scubapro’s new SUB GEAR line, valued at $420. Other prizes include the latest IC14 Intova digital camera with waterproof housing and Project AWARE goodie bags. Any diver who logs debris data using Project AWARE’s new online submission form is automatically entered into the scavenger hunt contest. Divers can even track their progress to see if they’re in running for top prize on Project AWARE’s scavenger hunt leader board.

“The debris data divers collect and report will play a key role in informing, persuading and empowering policy makers to establish and improve integrated solid waste management practices. Our combined data will support policies and strategies for the reduction and management of marine debris,” said Garmendia.

For more information about how to get started playing the Project AWARE Global Scavenger hunt or Dive Against Debris program visit

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