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Actor Paul Walker Joins National Geographic Shark Expedition

Paul Walker, who starred in the aquatic thriller “Into the Blue” and the “Fast & the Furious” series, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by starring in a new TV documentary about great white sharks.

Walker’s shark mission, which is set to air Monday November 16, wasn’t the first time he’s been diving for a project. The actor spent 11 days off the coast of Mexico with a film crew and shark experts shooting footage of the sea monsters for National Geographic channel’s Expedition Great White. The former marine biology student admits the experts on board for the mission weren’t quite sure what to make of their Hollywood guest at first.

He tells TV Guide magazine, “They were like, ‘S**t, we’ve got an actor coming on the boat.’ It’s that preconceived notion of Hollywood that I guess most of us deserve.”

However, the shark chasers quickly realized Walker knew just about as much as they did when he started talking about his love of sharks – and now he’s joining another sea mission later this month – on the hunt for a giant squid.

To view a video of Walker talking about the project, go here: Paul Walker Shark Interview

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