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Oceanicallstars to film 2010 Vertical Blue Scuba Diving Event

Oceanicallstars will be teaming up with Marine Visions and Underwater Videography, to film the 2010 Vertical Blue Event at Dean’s Blue Hole.


With a stunning backdrop of island paradise, the arena for this event is the world’s deepest blue hole at 203 meters (660ft). It is enclosed on 3 sides by a natural rock amphitheatre, and on the third side by a turquoise lagoon and powder white beach. There is never any swell or waves inside the hole, making it the perfect venue for freediving.

“Imagine a salt-water swimming pool, with warm, calm waters that run 203m deep, populated by snapper, jacks and colorful tropical fish, patrolled by a school of silver-plated tarpon and visited by curious rays, turtles and tiny seahorses.  An underwater cathedral festooned with light and life.”

This event will host 16 athletes, from 10 different countries, with the strongest lineup of male freedivers that have ever participated in an event. Herbert Nitsch, Martin Stepanek and William Trubridge are the only athletes to have set depth world records since 2008, and VB 2010 will be the first occasion that all three are competing in the same event. While other divers strive for personal bests and national records, these 3 will battle for title of World’s Deepest Man.

Hot on their heels are a group of formidable athletes who are all either ex-world record holders or national champions, including Guillaume Nery, Ryuzo Shinomiya, Dave Mullins, William Winram, Walter Steyn and Robert King.

It is fitting then that this year Vertical Blue will inaugurate the very first edition of the Suunto Dive-off, a contest to confirm who is the best all-round freediver in the world.
Each diver will attempt 3 dives, earning points for each. The disciplines will be Constant Weight (CWT), Constant Weight No Fins (CNF), and Free Immersion (FIM).

Constant Weight No Fins is considered the hardest because the athlete relies solely on his physical strength and has no use of a line. Constant weight allows the athlete to use fins or a monofin. In free immersion the athlete can use a guideline to pull himself down to depth and again to the surface.

Freediving is a beautiful and eerie sport to watch. Athletes have a unique and deep connection with the ocean, one devoid of terrestrial life and cumbersome gear. The mental training and strength required, far exceeds the physical capabilities of the athlete.

Oceanicallstars, in collaboration with Marine Visions, will provide full coverage with daily video feeds available on

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