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Introducing the Oceanic All-Stars

The Oceanic Allstars, a group of divers dedicated to aquatic conservation and education, have launched an updated and more informative version of their website.

Graphic images and video are both invaluable and powerful tools in education on every level. Combining their science experience and knowledge with their camera skills, the Oceanic Allstars team was formed to produce all forms of media with the primary focus of shark education and conservation.

Here’s a quick look at the team: The heart of the organization lies in Duncan Brake, Jillian Morris and Matt Potenski

Duncan Brake: Founder, Director of Photography and Cameraman

Duncan has traveled, photographed and filmed throughout the world, from fighting bull elephant seals on the Antarctic Island of South Georgia to 4m tiger sharks in the crystal blue waters of Tiger Beach. He combined his passion for the ocean and talent behind the camera to start Oceanic Allstars in 2003. Duncan has filmed with all levels of camera from 16mm Cineflex to full big body HD cameras and has a very talented eye for filming animal behavior. He was assistant manager of the BBFS (Sharklab ) for 2 years and still coordinates all their production and media projects.

Jillian Morris: Executive Director, Education Coordinator and videographer

Jillian Morris is a marine biologist that has photographed and filmed sharks across the globe, including the white sharks of Isla Guadalupe. She has led shark based ecotourism trips in the Bahamas and California and worked on research project in the Bahamas (Sharklab) , Florida, Australia and California. She has focused her most recent work on educational materials and articles for various magazines and websites.

Matt Potenski: Underwater and topside photographer.

As a marine biologist Matt has traveled the world studying sharks, always with a camera in hand. He is an award winning photographer and has used his images for various conservation projects and websites. Matt has led ecotourism shark trips in Utila and Tanzania and has worked with the BBFS ( Sharklab) on numerous projects over the past 7 years.


Collectively the team has worked on 6 of the 7 continents, and has logged 1000s of hours in the water with nearly 100 different species of sharks. Their field experience includes work with CCAMLR, Mote Marine Lab, Guy Harvey Research Institute, NOAA, Sylvia Earle, Falkland’s Conservation, Shark Trust, Bimini Biological Field Station, Shark Research Institute, Shark Bay Ecological Research Project, National Geographic Critter Cam, BRYAN, National Science Foundation and the American Elasmobranch Society

Their work can be seen in television programs, documentaries and written media from the following companies;   Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, Fox, NBC, Animal Planet, TF1 ( France) Channel 4 ( England), BBC World, Sport Diver Magazine, Shark Diver Magazine, African Diver Magazine, Advanced Diver Magazine, The National Post, USA Today,, Wetpixel, and Sylvia Earle’s Defying Oceans End: An Agenda For Action.

Media and Production:

Oceanic offers full HD production services including use of RED cam, F900, HVX200 and associated underwater housings, full digital photography with both Canon and Nikon cameras, lighting and housings, camera boats, cranes, helicopters ( WESCAM), grips, complete sound technicians and HD sounds kits, capacity for full HD post production, onsite dive and video guides and location managers.

Educational materials including power points, images, diagrams, articles and videos are all available for schools, dive groups, teachers, non-profits and other organizations.

The team also collaborates with other non-profits and shark diving organizations to further spread education and awareness. In the end, it is all for the sharks.

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