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Florida Keys Dive Center begins using Biodiesel fuel

(DiverWire) SEAduction® Dive Center in Key West, Florida is going green! Last week, the dive staff at SEAduction fueled the Starfish Enterprise II with B100 biodiesel today for the first time.  The fuel provided by Biodiesel of Marathon is recycled from cooking oils used by several restaraunts in the community.  The fuel is a 100% recycled, completely biodegradable and non-toxic product.  It releases fewer carcinogens and other toxic by-products and the accidental minor spills that are typical with repetitive refueling operations are not harmful to the environment – in short it is a very environmentally sound decision.

SEAduction® Group President, Mike Ange , states that ”the fuel choice was the right one for the environment.  We estimate that it will cost us a few dollars more per run but we look forward to some benefits as well as the obvious ones we get from protecting our most precious natural resource.  The bio fuel lacks the offesive smell and smoke typical of pertroleum based diesel fuels which we believe will decrease the incident rate of sea-sickness on our vessels.  The obnoxious smell of deisel is frequently credited with accelerating the onset of motion sickness – in short the petroleum based exhaust is toxic and the body knows it so it responds accordingly.  Our research indicates that the B100 fuel should eliminate this problem almost entirely and we look forward to seeing how much this change will increase the comfort and enjoyment of our passengers.”  SEAduction’s smaller boat will return from drydock this week and will also run on B100 fuel.

This morning’s run was the culmination of over 6 months of research and leg work completed by two of SEAduction’s associates Bill Stone and Corbin McKeon who volunteered this time because they wanted to make a difference.  Ange also states that ”From the Carolina’s to Key West and in programs conducted around the world SEAduction and our employees have always been trend setters and we hope we have started another trend.  I want to see all of the operations in Key West take this positive step to protect our environment and decrease our country’s dependance on foreign oil.  My hat is off to our staff for implementing this exciting change and we look forward to sharing our information and exepriences with any of the local operators who want to make a difference as well.”

On our official first B100 run this morning the crew only reported one issue – the boat had a very slight odor of french fries, making them all hungry.  Ange says ”I can honestly say that in 25 years I have never heard anyone say that diesel exhaust fumes made them hungry before today!”