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Cozumel Lionfish Tournament with Blue Magic Scuba

Since mid-summer, lionfish seem to have proliferated on Cozumel’s reefs, and Blue Magic Scuba, a local Cozumel dive center, has decided to do something about it. The idea is to help control the lionfish invasion, something that threatens to decimate other marine life.

From February 1 through June 15, Blue Magic is sponsoring a Lionfish Tournament and awarding prizes for such accomplishments as the most killed and the largest. You spot the lionfish, the divemaster catches it and the more lionfish caught, the more chances you have to win.

According to Joyce Mustin, the event is designed to help reduce the growing lionfish population in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. “They may be beautiful creatures to look at, but they can be very destructive.” She also cautions divers to be safe and let trained professionals actually capture any lionfish they may encounter.

Prizes for the event, the first of its type in Cozumel, include free diving at Blue Magic Scuba, a $500 gift certificate for gear at the local dive shop of your choice, and a four-night stay at the Fiesta Americana, which also includes diving. To get all the details, go here and click on the Lionfish tournament link.

For more information or to book, call Blue Magic toll-free at 866-712-6161 or e-mail

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