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Calling All Lionfish Chefs — Eat Them to Beat Them!

(DiverWire) One of the hottest topics on Bonaire in the past year or so is the removal of as many invasive Pacific Lionfish as possible. Bonaire has a core group of about 30 very active hunters, removing hundreds of fish each and every week. Because the fish are very tasty, they are becoming very popular to either cook or to dine upon in Bonaire’s restaurants.

Even as fillets, the flaky texture cooks quickly, and one of the easiest ways to enjoy lionfish is to quickly saute each side of the fillet in a little olive oil or butter, with your favorite seasonings, or with optional garlic. But there are so many other ways to enjoy this fish, and creativity will only lead to greater consumption and, therefore, a greater demand for Bonaire’s lionfish hunters to stay in the water making a dent in the resident lionfish population. wants your original and creative lionfish recipes to post on their Eat Them to Beat Them page. If you have a great (original) recipe, send it to The test kitchens of InfoBonaire will happily try out your recipe, and the best ones will be published on the site for all to enjoy. (Source: