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Bonaire Scuba Resort Puts Out a BOUNTY on Lionfish

(DiverWire) – The lionfish invasion of the Caribbean continues. One prominent scuba diving resort on the island of Bonaire, Captain Don’s Habitat, is working hard to do something about the growing lionfish problem. From March 6-13, Captain Don’s Habitat is hosting the first “Lionfish Wrangler” event. Scuba divers can actually earn a “bounty” every time they spot a lionfish during this weeklong event.

According to Jack Chalk, manager at Habitat, “We know we won’t be able to track and eliminate all of the lionfish that are out there, but we can certainly try and control the problem. To date, Marine Park Officials have captured 76 lionfish and this is just the start.”

Chalk said that divers who stay at Captain Don’s during the week will receive an immediate $120 credit when they spot their first lionfish that is subsequently captured by a Marine Park official. If a diver spots more than one of the invasive creatures, a $60 credit per lionfish will be awarded for future travel the the Habitat Resort.

There will be official Marine Park Lionfish “Wranglers” on every boat that departs Habitat during the week and every diver will be given the official marking ribbon to mark the spot where you found the lionfish so that if the “Wrangler” cannot capture it during that dive, they can go back later and capture it on another dive.

There will be Lionfish capture workshops during the week as well as lectures on the behavior and potential threat that the Lionfish presents not only to Bonaire but to the entire Caribbean.

This is just the first of perhaps many Lionfish “wrangler” events. For more details, call 1-800-327-6709 or contact your favorite Dive Travel Professional to make a reservation.


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