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Unique Wyland Collectible to be auctioned to raise funds for artificial reefs

(DiverWire) – A unique dolphin sculpture painted by acclaimed artist Wyland last year will be auctioned this month to commemorate the 11th anniversary sinking of the HMCS Yukon artificial reef off the coast of San Diego.

Fashioned from the hull of the Yukon before its sinking nearly eleven years ago, the stunning steel dolphin shape cut by the late Milt Beard and prepped by Scott Brown, both Yukon Project volunteers, was painted by Wyland with an original work of “Dolphin and Baby”. The 11-foot dolphin, weighing over 250 pounds, is currently on display at the Wyland Foundation. The Wyland piece will be available to ocean-lovers and environmentalists as it’s auctioned as a joint fundraiser for California Ships to Reefs (CSTR), and the Wyland Foundation.

“This is an unusual opportunity for a collector to own a work from one of America’s finest artists which is also a piece of historic significance,” said Joel Geldin, CSTR Chairman and CEO. “Hundreds of volunteers and over a year of work went into sinking the Yukon. The Yukon Project created California’s model artificial reef program. A fortunate collector will own this valuable piece and benefit two important ocean conservation organizations.”

Marine-life artist Wyland is renowned as a tireless advocate for marine life conservation. An avid SCUBA diver himself, Wyland founded his Wyland Foundation nearly 18 years ago with the mission of engaging people everywhere to become environmental advocates.

“We believe the Wyland painting on the Yukon steel dolphin is destined to become in icon of the Ships to Reefs movement,” Geldin said. “California Ships to Reefs is proud to be working once again with Wyland and the Wyland Foundation.”
Hosted on the CSTR website, the auction will open at $1,000 beginning today and will close on July 15th, the 11th Anniversary of the Yukon sinking.

For details and photos visit the CSTR website at

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