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(DiverWire) In the early spring every year, brings a group of enthusiastic scuba divers to the island of Bonaire for a week of diving, exploration and adventure. Staying at the popular Divi Flamingo Resort, the group has established a reputation for being very generous. Divi Flamingo General Manager Sara Matera talks about what happened earlier this month.

Group leader and founder of Kamala Shadduck is the point person for what has become an annual project of helping the children on our island in need.  She motivated all the group participants to bring school and life supply items with them ( even with the airline weight restrictions ) which would be left behind on Bonaire for the foundation kas di Carko youth house.

This was Kamala’s sixth visit, and not her last,  as she has fallen in love with Bonaire and its people. She embraces each dive trip she leads with the idea to give back to the community via the children with supplies that are often expensive or difficult to obtain locally.  Its her way or brand of “tourism sustainability… divers style”. She spoke with the youth about the importance of preserving the reef and the environment for not only the visitors who come to Bonaire now but for their own long and prosperous future as well.

The group had over 35 tourists/divers and they generously brought with them many needed items for the kids such as  clothes, tooth paste and tooth brushes sponsored by Dr. Bhatt of Virginia Beach, VA as well as shampoo & other toiletries, school materials, books, shoes and more. Kamala is an avid diver as well as a dynamic business women getting donations from both the US and Canada. The students were in awe of her passion for Bonaire and their youth foundation making her several lovely thank you cards for all the gifts received and enjoying having their pictures taken with some of the members of the group.

Kamala said she was very excited about next year as she recently achieved “Gold Status” with Continental/United Airlines and will be able to bring three 70 lb bags on her next trip promising that one of them will be completely filled with 70# of  supplies for the children of Bonaire. We thank for again supporting our island and we welcome them back next year and for many years to come.

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