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Divegear USA Outfits Survivorman Les Stroud for Shark Week 2009

DiveGear SharksIt’s Shark Week 2009 on the Discovery Channel. One of the most anticipated segments premieres tonight (August 3) featuring “Survivorman” Les Stroud in “”Deadly Waters.”

Stroud, who is known internationally for his daring adventures, explored popular areas around the world in a quest to determine which waters were the “deadliest”. During the filming, Stroud was provided with clothing from Divegear USA, a popular apparel company in the recreational scuba diving world.

According to Divegear USA officials, Stroud wore the famous Divegear Boat Coat, along with rash guards and accessories provided by the company. Apparently Stroud has heard about the Boat Coat and wanted it for his travels to Borneo, Fiji and South Africa.

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