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SCUBA weddings make “taking the plunge” a completely different experience

UW WeddingMany people seek to make their wedding a memorable experience. In South Florida, recreational scuba divers are taking their love of the underwater (and each other) to new depths.

According to Kelly Levendorf, General Manager at Pro Dive International in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the number of customers coming into the dive store and inquiring about underwater nuptials has led the store to begin offering special packages for the aquatic bride and groom.

Pro Dive takes the bride, groom and guests just off-shore for the event in a large glass-bottom boat. The bride typically wears a white suit, but not a traditional wedding dress (too much lace causes problems Levendorf explains). The ceremony takes place in just 20-25 feet of warm, usually clear water.

“Underwater weddings have been happening for many years,” he says, “but modern technology has made the events much more convenient and interactive.” He explains that in the past (and at some locations still), divers could only hold up an “I DO” card. Today, the bride, groom and officiator are outfitted with underwater communications gear that enables them to answer each other verbally.

“It was frustrating for guests to not be able to hear or see what’s going on,” Levendorf says. “Now with communications equipment from companies like Ocean Technology Systems and our large glass bottom boat, underwater weddings have become much more intimate, while at the same time, keeping the guests dry.”
Levendorf said packages range start at $1500 and include underwater communications training and where appropriate, use of Pro Dive’s white wetsuit. “We’ll still looking for that elusive “tuxedo t-shirt” that the groom can wear.”

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