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Are you the type who would never be caught scuba diving without an underwater camera strapped to your chest — photo lights poking out front like an angler-fish?

Or maybe you just have cool photos from your last dive vacation you’d like to share with the world. Either way you can enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card!

How to Enter

Entry in the Photo Contest is free. Simply head to the website and upload your photo.

Until the end of the current Photo Contest, the community will vote on their favorite submissions. Then the winner will be chosen by our panel of judges who will take into account your votes and content when deciding.

Photo Gallery

Even if you don’t plan on entering, head over to to check out the thousands of photos from current and past contests, and vote on your favorites!

There are a number of different categories to check out — Dolphins, Sea Lions, Eels, Sharks, Whales, Turtles, Unique Locations and more.

You will see beautiful photos like the following photos which won past contests:

The Ascent, taken by Levi Smith
Spring Colors, taken by James Gainnie
Cavern Diving- The Mouth, taken by Vince Weathermon
Lionfish, taken by Steve Fleckenstein
Maui Honu, taken by Shaka
Spanish Shawl Nudebranch, taken by Tyler Caughill

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