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Introducing REEF Ministires – a new approach to SCUBA

REEF ministriesReef Ministries Explores the Underwater World From a Different Point of View

(Fort Lauderdale, FL)  A new ministry presents the underwater world from a Biblical point of view.  Reef Ministries offers snorkeling and scuba diving adventures that are Christ-centered; sharing creation science, promoting environmental stewardship and instilling discipleship.

According to founder Tec Clark, Reef Ministries is a calling that has been a long time coming.  “I’ve been blessed to teach thousands of students and instructors, and I repeatedly heard students say they felt closer to God underwater than anywhere else on earth” states Clark.  “Reef Ministries illuminates this connection, and champions the splendor, diversity and beauty of the underwater world as the handiwork of God.”  Clark is a past National Director of the YMCA Scuba Program and recent former CEO of Pro Dive International.  He is also a graduate student at Knox Theological Seminary.

Reef Ministries includes presentations and devotionals with their snorkeling and scuba diving trips.  Families, church groups, ministries, pastors, schools and homeschoolers have participated in Reef Ministries’ adventures and lectures.  Based in Fort Lauderdale most of Reef Ministries’ adventures occur just off the Lauderdale coast and the Florida Keys.  Next year Reef Ministries will add liveaboard trips, marine mammal encounters, and an underwater creation science camp to its adventures.

Reef Ministries’ mission is to utilize God’s underwater world in the advancement of creationism, environmental stewardship, and discipleship through Christ-centered adventures for all.  For more information about Reef Ministries visit their website at where you can register for events, subscribe to the eNewsletter, and join their Facebook group page.

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