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Two New Online Forums for Scuba Divers and forums have been started to provide both recreational and technical divers with a place to meet and discuss diving online. Although both are focused on diving, each is set-up a little differently and each caters to a different type of diver though both use the same software foundation. We are not trying to replace any other dive community out there, but give an alternative place to come visit and share your diving experiences. is geared towards the recreational diver, from newly beginning to highly experienced. This forum was created out of the need for a safe online community that you could visit and not feel like you would be cyber-bullied or intimidated when asking a simple question. As such we have written our Terms of Service (ToS) to include language that addresses such behavior. The following is directly taken from our terms of service:

“The Cyber Diver was created to be a website that divers of all ages can enjoy and participate on without fear of anyone being offended by the content on our site. As such, we adhere to a standard of behavior that promotes respectful communication spanning a broad range of cultural worldviews. Therefore, we will not allow any material, be it written or visual, to be displayed on this site that can be considered inappropriate for any age group. Profane, racial, insulting or mean spirited language is not allowed and is subject to moderation or removal by our staff. Also any harassment, cyber bullying, threats, or personal attacks of a member is not allowed and could be subject to immediate permanent suspension.”

This site is free and publicly accessible meaning you don’t have to sign up to view any of the information listed here. Of course we’d like you to participate in this new forum by becoming a member and sharing your diving experiences with our other members. forum is a closed, members-only site and is the place to meet if you are interested in technical diving. Being a members-only site means you will have to sign up to obtain information here, but once a member you’ll have access to a vast wealth of technical diving information. We are in the process of creating a technical diving library that will, among others, contain terms and definitions pertaining to technical diving.


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