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New Alert Diver magazine debuts from Divers Alert Network

Stephen Frink and Dan Orr with new Alert Diver magazine layouts.You’ve heard about it for months, and the day is finally here.  The new and improved Alert Diver magazine has been mailed, and it begins arriving in mailboxes this week.

Earlier this year, Alert Diver moved to a quarterly publication schedule and underwent a cover-to-cover redesign.  With a new format, an expanded page count, new editorial content and even more of the DAN mission content on which divers depend, the new Alert Diver is sure to become a must-read for SCUBA divers everywhere.

“We’re very pleased with how this first issue came together,” said Stephen Frink, publisher of Alert Diver. “The new additions to the magazine blended beautifully with the core DAN content, and I’m convinced we’ve delivered a magazine that gives Alert Diver readers the safety information only DAN can provide, plus a great deal more from the rest of the diving world.”  

Highlights of the new issue include an interview with National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen, a look at the state of Marine Protection Areas, diving with closed-circuit rebreathers, recognizing and assessing neurological issues in the field, a refresher on AED use, updates on DAN Research, and travel features on Fiji and Florida Keys shipwrecks.  

“Divers are going to be to be surprised at just how much meaningful content each issue of the new Alert Diver contains,” said Frink. “The visual and tactile experience is greatly improved as well, with brilliant photography printed on high quality paper stocks.”

But it doesn’t stop there.  Companion content to the magazine will be available to readers at, further broadening the experience each issue offers.  The online version also provides divers a chance to submit feedback, comments and their own experiences.

“The new Alert Diver has evolved to be a much more dynamic and interactive magazine,” said Frink. “We offer several columns that are essentially divers talking to other divers, and so we not only invite readers to share their stories, we’re counting on them!”

With spectacular photography, captivating articles and information that can come only from DAN, the new and improved Alert Diver is a must-read, must-keep magazine sure to be gracing coffee tables and dive libraries for years to come.  And it’s on its way to you.

Alert Diver is a benefit of DAN Membership.  If you’re not already a DAN Member and wish to receive the new Alert Diver, join today!

For additional information, please visit or call (800) 446-2671.

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