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New EXOSUIT by Dr. Phil Nuytten to be unveiled at Beneath the Sea

(DiverWire) When BENEATH THE SEA’s 36th Anniversary Oceans Exposition and Dive Travel Show opens its doors at the New Jersey’s Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, New Jersey March 23rd, 24th , and 25th , 2012 it will also open the door scuba diving’s future with the new Exosuit  … then offer divers the opportunity to be a part of this new frontier in diving.

Beneath the Sea 2012 will take great pleasure in unveiling Exosuit, the next generation Atmospheric Diving Suit (ADS), created by our “Legend of the Sea” Dr. Phil Nuytten.

This one-atmosphere “hardsuit” is rated to 1000 fsw and incorporates an advanced design with operational capabilities far exceeding existing technology.

Dr. Nuytten holds a patent on the original rotary joint of the Newtsuit, but he has refined joint design in the Exosuit to provide much greater overall flexibility and dexterity.  The modified vision dome of the Exosuit improves the pilot’s view of close work with improved manipulators and hand pods.  Exosuit water-jet thrusters create much greater submerged power than other ADS, but they also provide more delicate suit control and movement. An optical fiber tether allows topside control and monitoring of ADS function so that the pilot can concentrate upon complex undersea tasks with less interruption.  The Exosuit truly represents the dawn of a new generation of ADS with the potential to perform increasingly sophisticated undersea operations.

Beneath the Sea will offer as an auction item a chance to pilot the Exosuit.  This item will include three (3) days training at the J. F. White test tank facility in Stoughton, MA..  Pilots will be trained in ADS safety and operations, then learn to dive the Exosuit and accomplish useful underwater work during the development and tank testing of specialized tooling for scientific research.  Successful completion of this preliminary Exosuit training will qualify you to bid at Beneath the Sea in 2013 on an Exosuit scientific dive in open water. The Exosuit is made a part of Beneath the Sea 2012 by J. F. White  Contracting Company who  will also provide food and lodging during training dives, but not travel to/from Stoughton, MA.


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