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New Book Introduced for Scuba Divers Wanting some DEPTH

( Cadron Creek Creative has released a new devotional written specifically for the scuba diver. The Diver’s Devotional – Deeper in 40 Days is now available for purchase online. This 180-page book provides 40 daily readings, each providing a non-traditional educational and entertaining discussion coupled with an in-depth and enlightening devotional – each focused on the sport of diving.

Intentionally covering a wide range of topics and steering clear of traditional diver textbook subjects, this book targets every level of diver certification and years of experience. For this reason, this devotional will find equally strong appeal to someone newly certified to the sport while being an ideal gift for the most experienced diver.

Subject areas include history, biology, geology, physics, and humorous personal stories. In planning the book project, the authors pledged to avoid ‘greeting card’ type readings common in many devotionals and, instead, set upon them a goal of educating the readers, leaving them saying, “I didn’t know that.”

The book is a product of an 8-month, joint project between dive partners and authors Paul Hudson and M. Cory Imboden. Mr. Hudson has been a pastor for over 14 years and is the lead pastor of oneChurch. Mr. Imboden has been a diver for over 25 years.

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