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MV Spree Vessel going to Haiti to assist in relief efforts

Officials of the MV Spree Live-aboard have announced the popular scuba diving vessel is leaving for Haiti this morning to assist with relief efforts.

In a communication with the dive industry, Melanie Wasson stated, “The Spree has been chartered to work in Haiti for 45 days.  And the Coast Guard is letting us go. We are going to work with the construction/dive team that is doing the preliminary construction on the docks in the harbor in Port-au-Prince.  Currently, the one remaining pier doesn’t actually meet land, and without docks that can accommodate the larger vessels and container ships, shipping has come to a halt.  Without shipping, the bulk of the relief aid can’t get in.”

Captain Frank Wasson plans to update the M/V Spree facebook page every now and then, so keep watching to stayl posted on all the news.

Additional information should also be available on the MV Spree website at

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