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Martin Stepanek looks to reset ALL current freediving records

(DiverWire) – Record-setting free diver Martin Stepanek is at it again. This time, he’s doing something that hasn’t been done before – from October 03 until October 09, 2011 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Martin will attempt to reset all current freediving depth World Records.

The first discipline will be Constant Weight, also his specialty. With one breath and using only a monofin and mask, Martin will descend to the depth of 125 meters attempting to reclaim his title from Austrian, Herbert Nitch. He will follow this attempt with Constant weight no-fins and Free Immersion as he endeavor’s to reclaim the world supremacy as the deepest man on earth.Current World Records related to these disciplines are Constant Weight – 124m, Constant Weight no fins -101 meter and Free Immersion -120 meters. 

Martin Stepanek’s final preparation is to be conducted in the Red Sea at the Sharm Club Village in late September, 2011 after he arrives from Greece where he will be competing in the 2011 AIDA Freediving World Championship. Upon acclimatization, he will start tuning up for the final intended World Record depths. An integral part of the preparation phase and World Record attempts is maintaining the athlete’s maximum safety underwater. For the whole duration of the action, the world’s most elite technical divers will ensure the highest level of deep safety.  Lighthouse Dive Center, Egypt will be managing all SCUBA support logistics. The event will be   ratified by AIDA International official judges. The World Record Challenge is generously sponsored by X-Trade Brokers DM S.A. and is under the aegis of F.I.I. (Freediving Instructors International).

For more details, go to Martin Stepanek FreeDiving Challenge

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