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Kids Sea Camp Celebrates 10 Years

By Margo Peyton founder of Kids Sea Camp
( – It started 10 years ago. A few conversations, some notes on a napkin.

I thought it should be a simple concept. If you have a family, love the ocean, diving, beaches, snorkeling, travel, and want to meet the like minded, then you should have some place to go. Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures was created. The perfect family vacation!

If I could save time in a bottle, as the old Jim Croce lyrics go, I would like to capture and savor some of the special moments I have spent at Kids Sea Camp over the years.

A moment that would come to my mind at the first Kids Sea Camp was when Melissa just 6 at the time arrived at our first event with her mom Carolyn Pascal. Melissa was just so excited to meet my two children Jennifer 4 and Robbie 6. I knew at that moment this was going to be a journey of friendships and memories to last a lifetime. From then to now, its been an amazing journey, full of discovery, and adventure!

Most moments that come to mind when thinking of Bahamas, Curacao and Honduras, are a beautiful blur of dolphins and diving. Fiji then takes me back to the most unforgettable visions of family Thanksgiving’s in paradise. It’s wondrous how the kids have grown and families stay in touch.

Grand Cayman once upon a time my home, where Robbie was born, I now think of Cobalt Coast Resort and Divetech. The moments shared include releasing turtles from the turtle farm and drawing the name from a fish bowl. So many years of dotting fun and parent poetry with Ron Rogest, l love listening to Arie play the harp and the steel drums at the most beautiful sunsets. The joy on the face of parents as they descend down those magnificent walls. Watching the excitement on all the kids faces when they open there very own Sea Life Digital Cameras, wide angle lenses and learned how to shoot. I can smell the s’mores Nancy makes with the kids at the Bon fire on the beach.

I’ve been going to Bonaire at Buddy Dive, since 1997, I still love sitting on the dock watching sail boats and sunsets while enjoying a glass of red wine with my good friend Carolyn Pascal. As we sit and watch all the kids jump off the dock with brave giant strides, geared up and going on their first night dive. She and I laugh so hard watching the kids each year, getting licked by the donkey’s while sitting in the back of the trucks as we drive through the park on a donkey safari. I like to photograph the families, sailing around the worlds largest salt track on Blow Karts, racing each other and laughing as the parents try to catch up with their kids.

With all of that adventure came the request for even more. It’s amazing what can be create from listening to kids. The White water rafting through the rain forest, horseback riding in the cloud forest, watching fathers and sons go surfing, with a day at the spa for mothers and daughters, covering ourselves with volcano mud at the baths. and 4 days diving was the most brilliant please all vacation. Costa Rica my repeat families to Kids Sea Camp adventures said this is truly the best.

The first Liveaboard trip, was last year to the the Galapagos, It will be the most memorable for me! seeing the families dive and snorkel with young sea lions, and swimming with penguins as well as learning all about Charles Darwin. SCUBAPRO sponsored all our wet suits, nothing but the best on this trip! Wayne Hasson even sang and played the guitar for us one night, families attained their nitrox and advance certifications. Ron and I had a paint off with the two Aggressor Boats that traveled with our families side by side through the week. Whale sharks, wild dolphins, beautiful sunsets and the most amazing land tours, a million moments come to mind.

I’ve never been one for a traditional Thanksgiving, and look forward to telling my own family the turkey is being served in Palau. With a side of ship wrecks and some spa days with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resorts, my holidays are the cats meow! It’s the best sharing this momentous occasion with diver families from all around the world. The year comes to a close for us with turkey being served with a ceremony of dancers and local song.

We have added Belize this year with Turneffe Island Resort, more memorable treasure hunts, Sea Life Cameras, and some PADI specialty programs like National Geographic Diver, Underwater Naturalist and Jr. Adventurer for kids already certified to dive. When the days activities officially end in the afternoon you might imagine that the kids would’ve had enough, not so, then comes painting, beach BBQ’s, SeaLife photo clinics, poetry contests, and even a talent contests and another week full of unforgettable memories to add to our 10 years.

Robbie, now 15, Jen now 13 and Melissa,16 are all still diving and looking forward to each year, meeting new friends and reconnecting with those from years past. Carolyn and I as well as Ron look forward to each year with the excitement and enthusiasm of the first.

We thank you for sharing your family with ours and look forward to seeing you this summer.

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