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Guardian Photo Contest

Jellyfish Photo Wins Guardian Travel Photography Contest

Super Jolly’s picture taken in Jellyfish Lake, Palau took the top spot in the prestigious Guardian Travel Photography contest 2013. The prize includes an all expense paid trip to Northern Canada.

Guardian Photo Contest
Contest winning entry, taken by Super Jolly

This colorful image won the November competition which was themed “Sunlight.” From there, the photo went up against the 11 other monthly winners and finally snapped up the main prize. The contest was sponsored by the Canadian Tourist Commission.

Super will now be jetting out for an Arctic experience on the banks of Hudson Bay in northern Canada. Flying out with Air Canada, Super will be spending a week at the Lazy Bear Lodge in Churchill, Manitoba. There, she will be able to snorkel with the thousands of Beluga whales which congregate in large numbers in the mouth of the Churchill River every summer to give birth. Polar bears have also been known to frolic on the rocks and swim in the bay.

About the prize, Super had this to say: “As an underwater photography enthusiast this was the best prize I could have ever won.  I have wanted to dive with the Beluga for many years and now I have my chance.”

Photographer and Model: Super Jolly, winner of the Guard Travel Photo Contest
Photographer and Model: Super Jolly, winner of the Guardian Travel Photography Contest

The Guardian judges said of the winning photo: “With good reason, the overall prize for the year goes to the photographer of this beautifully balanced and tranquil picture. I have walked through the monthly winners time and time again, but this is the one that always jumps out at me – for the reasons that it is technically and visually ‘just right.’

“I felt this image has the best combination of stunning light, as well as a beautifully balanced composition. It is difficult to quantify what makes a balanced composition, but when your gaze lands on an image, it should know instantly where the intended focal point is (in this case, the sunlight and the biggest jellyfish leading to it) and then be able to follow around the image, picking out all the other important elements (in this case, the other jellyfish and then the colours and water).”

Read more about Super Jolly on her website